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The #1 home for nonprofessional College ESports


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Brag House released its first esports tournament in March 2020 and has become the #1 home in the nation for nonprofessional college esports!


Giving a home to the majority of nonprofessional gamers to get discovered, compete and engage in friendly banter.


Brag House is about bragging rights. Competition is more fun and when you and your friends join in the action, it takes watching esports to the next level.

Get Discovered

Do you stream games often? Want to get started? Brag House is here to help! Increase your discoverability through our platform and make a name for yourself!


Our users earn Brag Bucks (“BB”), our risk-free in-app currency, through engagement on our platform. BB can be used for many things!


Brags are in-game stat-based prediction users can place on our platform using Brag Bucks (“BB”) to climb up the leaderboards to win major bragging rights and more!


Our users earn Brag House Tokens (“BHT”) through tokenized Brags and placement on our leaderboard, which can then be redeemed for physical and virtual prizes!

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Latest News

Brag House is constantly active hosting new events or seeing how to improve. 

Brag House partners with McDonald’s and Coca Cola for esports tailgate

College esports social network Brag House has announced partnerships with McDonald’s and Coca-Cola for an esports tailgate party at the University of Texas at

Brag House launches its social network for amateur esports competitors

Brag House has launched a platform for connecting gamers in a social network built around amateur esports competitions.

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Stay up-to-date with upcoming app releases for new features, tournaments, Brag House in the news and much more!