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Climb to the top of the leaderboards to earn Brag House Tokens ("BHT") that you can redeem for prizes on our virtual store!

BHT are awarded for the top users (“Braggers”) on our weekly and monthly leaderboards.

Placement on those leaderboards is determined on the net Brack Bucks (“BB”) you won for Brags (in-game stat-based prediction) your entered and predicted correctly. Net BB equal the amount of BB a Bragger won in a particular Brag minus the amount they entered to participate in the Brag.

It’s simply! Here’s an example, if you entered 150 BB to participate in a Brag that you predicted correctly and won 1,000 BB, your net BB will be 1000 – 150 = 850 BB. In this case, your overall position on the leaderboard will go up by 850 BB.

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