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Esports & Scholar Expo

Sat-Sun, Sep 21-22, 2024

This is your chance to reach 10+ Million Gen Z
Exciting Two-day Event in Partnership With The Fort Worth Sports Commission
No other event in history has united Esports with collegiate opportunities and scholarship.
Join us at this unprecedented event where a community rises and collectively engages participants to compete for scholarships and cash prizes, discover careers in the esports industry, network with universities and companies in the esports space, and clash.
Coming in April: Full website with schedule, exhibitor portal, speakers, tournaments info, hotel block information and much more!
Ready to elevate your game with Brag House? Explore exciting opportunities to elevate your brand through sponsorship and exhibition at our upcoming event. Join us in crafting a stellar experience and connect with hundreds of thousands of collegiate gamers.
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Who are Gen Zs?

Gen Zs by Numbers:

The Challenge for Brands:


The powerhouse of college esports


Video views
(Up 243% YoY)


(Up 111% YoY)

26 Minutes

Avg. watchtime of live content
(2.5X Higher than Industry Avg.)

Why Brands Choose Brag:

Texas Event

May 11-12, 2024

Unprecedented engagement opportunity


Exclusive Partnership: Teaming up with the Fort Worth Sports Commission for an unparalleled event


Prime Venue: The Fort Worth Convention Center, a hub for major events with a capacity to host 20,000 attendees


Innovative Concept: A two-day dual Engagement combining the thrill of College Esports with the opportunities of a College Recruitment Fair


Direct Engagement: Offering brands a golden chance to interact with audiences both in-person and digitally, ensuring maximum brand recall and visibility


Massive Exposure: Targeting a vast audience with an expected reach of ~5M in Texas alone and a staggering ~30M nationwide

Your Brand, Front and Center: This is more than just an event, It’s a movement, And your brand can lead the charge.

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Your Brand, Front and Center: This is more than just an event, It’s a movement, And your brand can lead the charge.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Community

Where Education Meets Esports

Together, with our sponsors, we're not just hosting an event. We're crafting a legacy, intertwining the worlds of education and esports, and giving back to the community that shapes our future.