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Golden Royale Cup


1bluzro from CSULB89
2Cromzy from OCCC81
3SolarIceHawk from OU80
4GDogg Gaming YT from OCU79
5Its R3KT from GFU74
6kingised from KU72
7cloudrrr. from OU64
8Matt_28 from OCU55
9TTV ZlptKon from OU45
10No One Luvs K.Y. from OU44
11Seth 知 from WU41
12Jsw1ggy from KSU39
13hennylol. from UCI32
14Rûler from CSUF31
15Sycir from UCSD31
17Snorchan from OREGON30
18DarkShowYT from AVC30
19APG40. from Gonzaga29
20TengΨ from CSUF27
21JuiceFatty from SOSU26
22Creator Blues from OU26
23beedoopbeedoop from SU24
24240HZ Khan from CWU23
25jaimitoes on IG from UCLA22
26elite ferocious from UCLA20
27PetSeal from OCCC19
28Mr_Hd47 from SU14
29Knightwolf2023 from SOSU14
30duckworths from UCO14
31RaxSanti from SWC12
32Lxarabl from OCCC11
33Krayder188 from UW11
34Harmacist426 from SOSU10
35AllyZombi from CWU10
36TwistedDrew2570 from GHC10
37bellaten._. from CSUF9
38Arcticthekitsune from GFU9
39BruSalSprouts from WSU8
40O Block Chxrlie from UCLA7
41KryoCat from WSU5
42Key_James from CUI5
43SD_Nein from UCI5
44EduIsHere from UP4
45TVGermanInzuenza from CSUN4
46CosmicFrosty-YT from HCC3
47K-BNS from UCSD3
48Trento_2302 from WU2
49Ruko_040 from UCSD2

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