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Golden Royale Cup


1SolariceHawk from University of Oklahoma126
2Seth from Washburn University111
3No One Loves KY from University of Oklahoma100
4Cromzy from Oklahoma City Community College97
5GDogg Gaming YT from Oklahoma Christian University92
6JuiceFatty from Southeastern Oklahoma State University81
7Matt_28 from Oklahoma Christian University80
8Creator Blues from University of Oklahoma61
9IChronicCanade from Kansas State University60
10PetSeal from Oklahoma City Community College57
11Its R3KT from George Fox University56
12Jsw1ggy from Kansas State University50
13Lxarabl from Oklahoma City Community College46
14IChronicCocoa from Kansas State University44
15CosmicFrosty-YT from Highland Community College43
16Trento_2302 from Washburn University43
17EduIsHere from University of Portland43
18Arcticthekitsune from George Fox University31
19Chiefsfan_909 from Highland Community College30
20Harmacist426 from Southeastern Oklahoma State University23
21tv.Nebjamiin from Oregon State University22
22duckworths from University of Central Oklahoma22
23kingised from University of Kansas22
24CosmaDrago from Southeastern Oklahoma State University21
25Kon from University of Oklahoma20
26Snorchan from University of Oregon19
27TougherSauce990 from Highland Community College16
28Knightwolf2023 from Southeastern Oklahoma State University16
29tommatogravy from Southeastern Oklahoma State University6
30Tdg_You_wish from Southeastern Oklahoma State University3

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