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What is a

A 'Brag' is an in-game stat-based prediction. Learn how to win bragging rights and prizes using our non-monetary Brag Bucks ("BB") !

Why should I place Brags?

When you place a Brag using Brag Bucks (“BB”), our non-monetary in-app currency, you can win more BB when you make correct predictions, which will position you higher up on the leaderboard!

The top Braggers (“users”) on our weekly and monthly leaderboards win Brag House Tokens (“BHT”) that can be redeemed on our virtual store for physical and virtual prizes.

Did we mention you’ll get to brag to your friends you know sh** better than they do? We all love a little bit of trash talk here and there!

How do Brags work exactly?

That’s a great question! Each Brag has its own ‘pot’ of Brag Bucks (“BB”) that you can win. The total pot of each Brag is determined by the amount of BB entered by all the Braggers who also entered that specific Brag.

Each Brag will be a unique risk-free in-game stat-based prediction that has at least 2 possible outcomes to choose from. You, as a bragger, will choose the outcome you predict to be correct, then decide how many BB you’d like to enter for this Brag and press submit. Once your Brag prediction is submitted, the BB you entered will be added to the Brag’s total pot.

If 100 Braggers enter into a specific Brag, where 50 of those Braggers entered 10 BB each and the remaining 50 Braggers entered 30 BB, it means the total pot of this Brag is 2,000 BB (50×10 + 50×30).

Let’s assume only two Braggers out of the 100 Braggered correctly predicted the outcome — Bragger ONE initially entered 10 BB and Bragger TWO initially entered 30 BB. In this case:

  • Bragger ONE will win 25% of the pot (10/(10+30)=25%), which equals to 500 BB, and clim up the leaderboard by 490 BB (500 – 10 BB).
  • Bragger TWO will win 75% of the pot (30/(10+30)=75%), which equals to 1,500 BB, and climb up the leaderboard by 1,470 BB (1,500 – 30 BB).

You are a pro Bragger now! Let’s start placing some Brags!

What is a Brag Buck?

Brag Bucks (BB) is our risk-free in-app currency that you allows you to place Brags, win more Brag Bucks and more importantly — climb the leaderboards to win some Brag Worthy bragging rights and amazing prizes through our virtual store!

The amount of BB you will win for correct predictions are calculated based on the following:

  • The total pot of BB that were entered to the specific Brag by Braggers.
  • The total number of Braggers that predicted the outcome correctly.
  • The proportional weight of the amount of BB you enter to the specific Brag.

100 Braggers chose to participate in a specific Brag — half decided to enter 10 BB each and the other half entered 20 BB each. That’s a total of 1,500 BB in the pot.

  1. Everyone chose the same outcome that ended up being the correct prediction.
    • If you entered 10 BB, you will win 10 BB, and your net BB will be 0 (10 BB won – 10 BB entered).
    • You will climb up by 0 BB on the leaderboard.
  2. You were the only Bragger who had the correct prediction for the specific Brag.
    • You will win the entire 1,500 BB pot
    • Your net BB winnings will be 1,490 BB (1,500 BB won – 10 BB entered). 
    • You will climb up by 1,490 BB on the leaderboard.
  3. You and another Bragger were the only two who had the correct prediction for the specific Brag.
    • If you entered 10 BB and the other Bragger entered 15 BB, the pot winning will be proportionally weighted: 10+15 = 25 which means 10/25 = 40% and 15/25 = 60%.
    • You will win 600 BB (1,500 BB x 40%) and the other Bragger will win 900 BB (1,500 x 60%)
    • Your net BB winnings will be 590 BB (600 BB won – 10 BB entered).
    • You will climb up by 590 BB on the leaderboard.
In FPS or TPS games, Brags can range from stats on total Eliminations, elimination with specific weapon, placement in a battle royale match, etc. For example:
  1. How many eliminations will Player A will have in the second Battle Royale match?
      • 0-3
      • 4-6
      • 7-9
      • 10+
  2. Who will aggregately have more elimination across the first 3 Battle Royale Matches?
      • Player A
      • Player B
      • Player C
In Combat/Fighting games, Brags can range from stats on who will advance to next round, highest/lowest damage percentage, win streak (if multiple matches), etc. For example:
  1. How many stocks will Player A take away from his 4 opponents?
      • 0-2
      • 3-5
      • 6-8
      • 9-12
  2. What will be the highest damage percentage between Player A and Player B?
      • 0-150%
      • 150-170%
      • 170-190%
      • 190%+
In sports games, Brags can range from stats on goals, points, assists, saves, possession, fouls, etc. For Example:
  1. How many goals will Team A score aggregately across their 3 matches?
      • 0-2
      • 3-4
      • 5-6
      • 7+
  2. Which team will have most assists across all 5 matches?
      • Team A
      • Team B
      • Team C
      • Team D

We are constantly working on adding more ways for you to engage and earn BB.
Currently, you can get Brag Bucks by:

  1. Winning Brag Bucks when placing Brags and predicting the outcome correctly.
  2. Inviting friends to join the Brag House community through your personal code.
    • On the Brag House app, go to menu, then Invite Friends, then Select Friends to Invite.
  3. Claiming your free daily BB chest spin
    • On the Brag House app, go to menu, then Invite Friends, then Free Daily Chest.
  4. Purchasing BB Chest spin packages
    • On the Brag House app, go to menu, then Invite Friends, then choose number of packages and proceed to pay.

Please note, only won net BB through Brags will determine your leaderboard position. Earned Brag Bucks, whether through inviting friends, free daily chest or purchased BB packages, will not be added to your leaderboard score position. These Brag Bucks will ONLY be reflected as Brag Bucks that are available to you to participate in Brags.

Tokenized Brags are similar to Brags in their core functionality (i.e., risk-free in-game stat-based prediction). However, in addition to winning BB (proportionally to the pot of the Brag and how many you entered) if you predicted the outcomes of the Brag correctly, you will also receive a Brag House Token (“BHT”). These BHT through the Tokenized Brags are the same BHT you would be awarded with when finishing at the top of the weekly and/or monthly Brag House leaderboards.

You decide whether you want to redeem the BHT in our virtual store immediately on items that require less BHT for redemption, or wait and save more BHT to redeem a bigger prize once you have enough!

You are a Bragger pro now! Love the app? Spread the word to your friends and earn 500 BB for each referral! 

On the Brag House app, in your profile section, whether you are a current student, alumni, etc… make sure you mark which school you are affiliated with. In the future, this will help us provide you with more relevant tournaments and content.